"I work on the assumption that a house is successful if it's pleasant to live in".

Alexandra de Garidel thinks out of the box, changes conventional wisdom and elegantly blends styles.  An artist, designer and scenographer, she dreams up unique spaces for her clients.

She first pursued an illustrious, but traditional academic path, which took in the prestigious “Institut d'Etudes Politiques” in Aix en Provence, followed by an MSC at the London School of Economics. After beginning her career in finance (Deutsche Bank, LBO), she moved to Geneva in 2001 and started in interior design with Thébaïde in 2005. In 2019 she decided to take a new challenge in joining  Avilda as Creative Director (for more details please go on 

With every new project, Alexandra de Garidel shows a sense of daring. She is inventive in her use of new combinations and compositions. Unafraid of mixing styles, she displays a limitless sense of creativity, which culminates in interiors that are singular, spectacular and very special.

Her trademarks? An inimitable vision of space, an extreme attention to detail and a passion for design.The result? A style that is instantly recognizable, but difficult to define.